Vanier Athletics Council

Vanier Athletics organizes teams and provides you with all cialis pills the information you need to participate. Better yet, every student is eligible to play for their affiliated college, free of charge! We are a council made up of President, Vice-President and four Directors: one for each of Male, Female, and Co-ed Sports categories, and one to manage Promotions. There are two positions available at the beginning of the year. These two spots are male and female first year rep positions. If you are interested in getting involved in Vanier and want to have a say and a hand in organizing athletics, then this is the position for you.

For most of the sports offered, there is a Competitive (Tier 1) and Recreational (Tier 2) division available. Those in Tier 1 could be described as the impassioned elite of their sport, seeking the fi re of competition at a high level of play. Tier 2 is suited to those wishing to simply enjoy or learn the game in a low pressure environment.

The Torch: what is this? The Torch is a trophy that is awarded to the College that accumulates the most points throughout the year, by winning championships and participating in intramurals. Vanier Athletics Council will be working closely with Vanier College Council to give Vanier the best possible chance to win this year. We need participation
from everyone in our college. This includes you!

We absolutely encourage everyone to come out and participate! Intramural sports are a great way for you to meet new people, and to have the complete university experience. There are a wide range of sports and games available. Come out, meet some folks, and try something new. There will be a spot for everyone!