Jason Francis Lomboy




Hey everyone and welcome to the 2016-2017 academic year here at York University and welcome to Vanier College!


My name is Jason Lomboy and I’m this year’s Vanier College President for the 2016-2017 school year. I am a 5th year Psychology student, and pleased to be entering my 4th Year on this student council. I began my journey as The Director of Promotions for Vanier College Athletics (VAC), transitioned to become The Director of Promotions for Vanier College Council, the Vice-President of Communications, and now President. When I’m not in meetings or in class, I enjoy spending time with friends, playing intramural sports, graphic designing, and always on the look out for spontaneous adventures.


My experience at York University would not have been the same if it weren’t for Vanier College. As a first year Undeclared Major, I spent my days coming to school, going to class, and going home. Never have I ever thought about doing extra-curricular activities, nor have I ever fathomed the idea of getting involved in student governments or clubs. I hope to inspire those who are seeking to get involved, and to provide my knowledge and support for anyone in need.


The Vanier College community brought me in like I was a lost member of the family. Vanier College Council offers a safe space and inclusive environment for all students. For most students, it is their ‘home away from home’; where students can hang out, eat, study, nap, and socialize before and after classes. The Vanier College community provides a support system that can help you both academically and socially to make your University experience the best it can possibly be. York University and Vanier College has given me the opportunity to expand my experience, develop lasting relationships, and has provided me an avenue to make the most out of University.


Vanier College Council’s mandate is to enrich the lives and educational experience of its members through academic, cultural, recreational and social programs. We act as the link between student life and York’s administration, faculty, and staff. Vanier College Council provides workshops, study spaces, and engaging and affordable social events throughout the year. Such social events include: Orientation Week, our annual Montreal trip, Blue Mountain, Themed Pub Nights, Frost Week, Coffee Houses, and a Year-End Formal, just to name a few. Vanier College Council, in support of affiliated clubs/associations also work in collaboration to provide program specific events to help cater students, and to enhance their University experience both academically and socially. Vanier College is home to many tremendous clubs that offers support for students to interact with other students who share specific hobbies and/or interest.


Whether you are a first year student or returning student, I encourage you to get involved. From my experience it is never too late. Getting involved will enhance your university experience, providing you with countless opportunities at school, and allowing you to establish a series of networks, which will benefit you throughout your journey through and after university. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to come by our office, room 120 Vanier College, at any time!