Vice President of Finance 

Menfes Kidus




Hello fellow students my name is Menfes Kidus and I am this years VP of Finance. I have been a student of York for the past five years and have experienced many new things. I am a funny individual with a bit of an ego (beyonce voice). I enjoy playing games and leaguing hard with my friends. I also play basketball and Lebron the king James is my fav player from time. now that I've shown you my fun side lets touch on some serious notes. As your VP of finance I will be handle all the finances for trips, events, and clubs. so if your ever around and wanna talk always feel welcome to approach me or any other member on council.


Director of Finance 

Sami Dessuky



What’s up Vanier! My name is Sami Dessuky and I’ll be your Director of Finance for 2016/2017 school year. To tell you a little bit about myself, I am currently entering my 3rd year at York University studying Economics and Finance. I have been involved in the Vanier community since my first year and I have not regretted it one bit. I’ve met some incredible people while at York and made friendships that’ll last a lifetime. This was done through going to several of the wonderful events organized by Vanier as well as through the various sports I played. My university experience has lived up to my expectations where I am constantly being challenged by both my professors and my peers leading me to learn new things daily. I truly hope I can be a part of your York university experience and impact it in a positive way. My end goal is to allow you, our fellow panthers to make you feel as though Vanier is your home away from home and make you a part of our big Vanier family.