Vice President of Social & Cultural Events

Man (Peter) Van



Hey Vanier! My Name is Man Van and I will be your VP Social and Cultural for 2016/17. I am also the O-Chair for Vanier’s Orientation Week. I am going into my 4th year here at York and this is my 3rd year on Vanier College Council. I am very excited for this upcoming year, there are so many things I would love to do to make Vanier an even better place. I wish to extend the comfort that I have with this place to other students so that they could have a place to relax and enjoy after long lectures or study sessions. I’m looking forward to creating new and fun events with my position to try and cater to everyone’s social life. Not only will I be creating social event I will try to include a lot of academic collaborative events too. I’m very passionate about Vanier, I can’t wait to give it my all this year and I can’t also wait to see all the new and old faces come by our student spaces and attend our events!


Director of Social & Cultural Events

Rhyena Miller




Hello Vanier! My name is Rhyena Miller and I am a second year student in Children Studies. I am you Director of Social/Cultural! This is my second year on council and I am so excited for all the events we have planned for you all! Feel free to stop by the office and lounge during the day, it’s a great environment where you can hang out with friends and meet new people in between or after class. University can be scary, and trust me I’m still learning. But just like in High School Musical (don’t lie… you’ve all at least watched the first movie) we’re all in this together. Don’t be afraid to come out to events, we have some amazing things planned! From our pubnights to end of the year formal, these events are great ways to make new friends and a memorable university experience. This is the time where great memories can be made, take advantage of it! Let’s have a great year together Vanier <3