Vice President of Communications

Christine Gielen Nieto




Hey Vanier! My name is Christine Gielen Nieto and I am a 4th year psychology major. This is my second year on Vanier College Council. I like to play sports, eat, and go on long romantic walks to the fridge. I have been greatly involved in the Vanier community since my first year here at YorkU. I was your textbook awkward girl coming out of high school, but getting involved with this outstanding community and being surrounded by endless opportunities, and extensive knowledge and support, has helped me grow into the best version of myself. I am so grateful for friendships, and connections I have made through the years. I owe it all to you as the Vanier college community. I encourage you to get involved, try new things, create friendships, open your minds, ask questions, and give back. The world isn't a scary place if we do it together (WE JUST DO IT BETTER). I am greatly honoured to represent you this year as your Vice President of Communications. Whether this is your first year or your last I wish you all the best in your endeavours, I look forward to seeing great things.

Director of Communications

Fizz Oladiran



Hey Vanier, Im Fizz Oladiran and I am your Director of Communications for the year 2016 - 2017. I am a 5th year business & Society student and a Dancer. I have performed at events around Toronto as well as vanier's Orientation week and coffee house. Because of vanier, my york university experience has been nothing short of great. Being apart of the many events we have throughout the year, as well as getting to help out in as many ways that i can. Vanier to me, means unity because vanier brings people from so many different backgrounds to one place and its those differences within vanier than bring us closer together and stronger than ever. I am excited to be apart of this wonderful council and to be able to help make your year a great one.