Director of Campaigns & Advocacy 

Lucas Santos




Hello, my name is Lucas Santos and I’ll be your Director of Campaigns and Advocacy (D.C.A for short… I’m trying to make that a thing). I am entering my 2nd year at York majoring in Cognitive Science and I’m more than excited to be a part of Vanier College Council for a second term. My job is to advocate for the importance of charity and an inclusive education. York is one of the most diverse communities in Canada and this it is important that we uphold an inclusive and safe environment for all students. As D.C.A, and a member of Vanier College Council, one of our main goals is to provide you with just that. When I first arrived at Frosh, I felt like I was an alien in a new planet, I have ever felt more out of place. There were people left, right and centre, and generally just all over the place. It was definitely an intimidating feeling, but the Orientation Leaders made it very comfortable for me, they welcomed me with open arms and loving attitudes. The Leaders and Council members made me feel so at home, which I’ll admit was a bit strange. It was strange because I’ve never felt so at home and so close with people I just met that same day. I guarantee you, you will find your university experience to be worthwhile and fulfilling.