YEAR: 1st
MAJOR: Children's Studies

VAN-WHAT? VAANNIIEERRRR!!! Hey Vanier! I’m Tasha, one of your First
Year Reps! So yes, I am a first year student here at York majoring in
Children Studies and in the Concurrent Education program. I love
working with children and youth, it’s such a great feeling to
positively impact someone’s day. So far, York has been amazing and I
have met many new friends and interesting people! Vanier is definitely
like home for many students and myself as well so please come by the
office, meet the council and meet new people. I love to read and eat
sweets and I’m definitely all for Italian foods and fries… oh how I
love fries! Netflix and Fries is what I stand for!


YEAR: 1st
MAJOR: Undeclared

Hey Vanier!!!! My name is Ryson Budhram and I am one of the first year representatives for 2016-2017. To start off, ill tell you a few things about myself 🙂 I am currently an undecided major because like many of you, I’m still unsure as to what I want to do for the rest of my life to come. Outside of school, ill spend most of my time playing sports, video games, and watching anime! I also love pulling pranks on people especially putting spicy stuff in their food when they aren’t looking >:P

Coming into University was intimidating and nerve-racking but with the support from everyone, everything soon fell into place. Within the first week i’ve already met many amazing people that have taught me so much.

As your First Year Representative, I look forward to helping out with events and fundraisers along with making Vanier a place we can all call our second home. I hope we all do well in our studies and also have a great time.