970750_1404164486519415_1006987020_n Vanier College Council  is made up of 11 elected and appointed student volunteers who offer student services; represent students at meetings; and organize free and subsidized events for all students affiliated with our college.

Here at Vanier College we host social, academic, and sporting events throughout the academic year. Regardless of the event´s nature, Vanier College Council strives to put on events that are engaging, original, affordable for students and most importantly, better than what the other Colleges are doing. Some previous events include, the annual weekend retreat to Montreal City, Pub nights, Screemers for Halloween, Pumpkin Carving, Skating, Paint balling, Raptors games, Semi-Formals, Year-end Formals, Comedy Nights……you get the picture.

All in all Vanier College Council does a lot more than this about us page can explain. Hopefully this has given you a taste of what we´re about. You’ve checked us out online. Now come and check out the real thing and get involved. When it comes to serving you, our constituents, we truly are committed to our motto: “We just do it better”.

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