Shortly following the establishment of Vanier College in 1967, a College Council was formed to represent the academic and social needs of the growing number of students affiliated with Vanier College. Over 40 years later, Vanier College Council continues to thrive and is in fact, making history. Vanier College Council is comprised of elected (current undergraduate degree) students affiliated with the College. Elections are held every spring to fill nine (9) positions, including the College Student President. Interested students who meet the constitutionally defined criteria first run in what is commonly referred to as a “popular election”. At this point in time, students compete for one of nine general spots in a College wide election. Shortly thereafter, the 9 successful individuals participate in something unique to Vanier, an internal election. During the internal election, the 9 students run against each other for the 9 specific portfolio positions. Notably, they are the only voting members of this stage of election.

For new students interested in joining the team, there are 4 positions made available during the fall term elections (geared towards incoming students). The college council also hires a Speaker to mediate meetings throughout the year during the summer term. Every team eventually needs new blood.

Vanier College Council is responsible for the organization and distribution of an annual budget of over $100,000. They are the primary funding source for Vanier College Athletics (intramurals), the College newspaper (The Vandoo), as well as a literary journal for the arts (The Existere).

Every new school year, Vanier College Council is one of many colleges to welcome and host over 400 incoming students during Orientation Week. Incoming students are provided not only with invaluable experience about the school prior to commencing their academic careers, they are placed in to a welcoming environment where they can establish new social connections even before the school year starts. Not to mention that they get a week full of amazing events such as trips to places such as Wonderland, Niagara Falls, Wasaga Beach, Wild water Kingdom, Blue Jays games, etc.

Over the course of the year Vanier College Council hosts a variety of events open to all students, but specifically geared towards Vanier College affiliated students. These events fall under a variety of categories from social gatherings to cultural festivities. Regardless of the event´s nature, Vanier College Council strives to put on events that are engaging, original, affordable for students and most importantly, better than what the other Colleges are doing.

Some previous events include, the annual weekend retreat to Montreal City, Pub nights, Screemers for Halloween, Pumpkin Carving, Skating, Paint balling, Raptors games, Semi-Formals, Year-end Formals, Comedy Nights……you get the picture.

All in all Vanier College Council does a lot more than this about us page can explain. Hopefully this has given you a taste of what we´re about. You’ve checked us out online. Now come and check out the real thing and get involved. When it comes to serving you, our constituents, we truly are committed to our motto: “We just do it better”.

Vanier College Council.