Vice President of Academics and External Affairs

Issa Abdi Jamaa




Hello Vanier! Whether you are a freshman, first year student - or a returning one - I gladly and warmly welcome you on behalf of Vanier College Council (VCC) and myself, to Vanier College and York University at large for the 2017/2018 Academic Year.

My name is ISSA ABDI JAMAA, and I will be representing you and the interests of Vanier College Students on Council as your elected official. Besides, I am an international student majoring in Economics.

My early involvement with Vanier College community, affiliated Clubs and VCC gave me the seldom opportunity to make new friends (potentially you will be too), organize and participate in events, elevate my university experience, build robust relationships with my Council Members, and above all sharpen my leadership and social skills. Thus, I wanted to be more actively involved with my school life from day one to utilize my time outside classrooms and lectures halls - and so can you! I am sure you won’t live to regret it, only if you do it right. However, ALWAYS have in mind, and ask yourself quite often, the purpose of you being here: EDUCATION, which is your priority. Extra curricular activities, your participation and involvement with Clubs, Council and the likes are secondary although some argue it as important, but my take is that it is a supplement which builds up to be the elegant and fun-filled university experience we all anticipate during this phase of our journey. So, don’t hesitate to come around our Council Office and engage with us. See you soon friend!


Director of Academics and External Affairs

Kareem El-Kady

MAJOR: Humanities



Hey y'all I'm Kareem! You can recognize me by my beard and my height! If I look down on you, its probably not malicious. I'm a musician, writer and I take neato pictures from time to time! This is my first year with Vanier and I'm very excited to help make this year the best year Vanier has ever had!