Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy

The sphere of education in the life of society is developing extremely fast. Every year, new trends appear and become popular. Education experts are trying to develop new approaches to education, both in school and in college. This contributes to the fact that more and more young people are receiving a quality education and skills, […]

Is the GED a Better Indicator of College Success than a High School Diploma?

In the United States, basic school education is provided by secondary and high schools. After graduation, students receive diplomas with which they can enter college or start a career immediately. If for some reason you fail to finish an educational establishment, there is another way to get proof that you have the knowledge that high […]

Dan Smithwick of the Nehemiah Institute

The Christian religion has a very controversial position in modern society. Due to the intolerant statements of many religious figures, some people criticize religion with its outdated postulates; while others argue that we cannot break the way that the world holds on to religious traditions for many years already. Giving these circumstances, the position of […]

Connor Boyack

One of the best ways to find the motivation to achieve your goals is to look at people who have already reached the top. There are individuals who really inspire us to fight against laziness, motivate us to define our goal, and walk on the confident path to it. If, in addition to achievements, a […]

CCSS College Placement

Common Core State Standards have been implemented on more than half of the territory of the United States of America, but these standards still raise questions in society, mainly among parents and teachers. This became especially urgent during the pandemic when quarantine restrictions forced schools to move to home and distance education. The question is […]

21st Century Learning. What Is It All About?

Have older people ever told you that you know nothing? Have you ever heard of how they criticize modern methods of teaching? They do that a lot! However, it doesn’t mean that our generation is on a downward path. The world is changing, no one can argue about that; and everything else is changing with […]

Best Quotes About Struggle

Do you know why proverbs are passed down from generation to generation? That’s because they reflect the emotions everyone can refer to. The same thing is applicable to quotes. Let’s take the remark of Eleanor Roosevelt as an example: “If life were predictable, it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.” It comes […]

Empathy Might Be Overused Word in English Language

Have you seen at least one movie about war? What catches an eye in various episodes? For me, its empathy that people express towards each other. They help strangers, share their houses and food, and become friends without many years of acquaintances. However, in the past, people were not talking about empathy as much as […]

Parental Rights in Schools

Have you ever heard your child’s teacher say: “You have no right to interfere with the educational process”? Usually, only teachers who don’t really follow all instructions can say this. That is the reason you should know about the rights you have as a parent. We will talk about parental rights in schools in different […]

Three Actions that Changed 100 Years of Education Tradition

The past is a source of knowledge for us. All the great changes were due to the fact that the inventors analyzed the past and correctly understood its lessons. If you think: “How has education changed over the last 100 years?” you can see that many modifications have been made to various aspects of this […]