Look out for this year’s events! Being apart of Vanier means being apart of CHEAP (sometimes FREE) Trips! Sorry not sorry, ONLY Vanier Students will be able to receive these incredible discounts! EVERYONE IS WELCOMED.



FROSHKick-off the upcoming year with a week-long series of events, welcoming new students to our amazing, pride-filled college and York University. Frosh week provides the opportunities needed to aid in the transitioning into university life, while also introducing students to the social aspect of school life. As an upper year student, you also have the opportunity to apply as a “boss” to mentor and welcome the incoming students. Prepare for an unforgettable week; one which you will find will be the best week of your university career. You DO NOT want to miss this one! Welcome to the best frosh week on campus.




MTLJoin us on our largest, most demanding out-of-town trip, where Vanier College takes on the beautiful city of Montreal and all it has to offer during our two-night, three-day excursion. You’ll be provided with transportation, accommodation and all-access entrance to the hottest clubs in Montreal, leaving room for you to explore the monuments, attractions and fine dining Montreal has to offer and all for the lowest price offered on campus. They don’t call us the party college for nothin’. Get ready to get hyped!



PUBAfter weeks of dedication to our academic studies, why not join us for our themed pub nights to release some stress and get down on the dance floor? Every month or so, we’ll throw an epic party, such as our Back to School, Halloween, Movember and Valentine’s Day Pubnights, where the Vanier community comes together and enjoys a night full of great music, dancing, laughter and bar service. You don’t want to miss the wildest pub nights on campus. Seriously 😉



FROSTWhat better way is there to conquer the cold, winter blues than to look forward to a week-long series of chilling events? Past events have included a midnight skate at York’s own Canlan Ice Sports, a trip to Snow Valley with all-access passes to the tubing hills, a trampoline dodgeball tournament, a lounge night and York’s very own “Charity Ball,” held at none other but the beautiful Casa Loma in the heart of Toronto. So grab your hats and mittens and let’s get frosty.



SUITJoin us during our “to be announced Suit-Up Thursdays,” where students are encouraged to “suit up” and donate towards CAMH, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Through this, we hope to raise awareness on the cause and also provide the support, environment and knowledge needed to not only conquer, but initiate mental health awareness.



LOUNGEThroughout the year, our Vanier lounge is open daily as a space for students to kick back and relax before, in between, or after classes. But every once in a while, the Vanier lounge will serve as a simple, relaxed venue for our genuinely fun lounge nights, used to raise money for different causes, or to simply take our minds off our studies and release some stress. We’ll offer video game tournaments, poker nights, movie nights, workshops, or other things for students to enjoy.



BLUEOnce every January, the Vanier community will take a trip up North to Blue Mountain for a few days to embrace the Canadian cold. We’ll provide you with all-access passes to the lifts, as well as accommodation in the heart of the village, which is a walking distance away from fine dining, shopping and Blue Mountain Village’s nightlife; all for an insanely discounted cost. This will be one of the most unforgettable trips you will ever take. Sports all day, party all night? That’s how Vanier does it.



PAINTJoin us as we rent out one of Toronto’s hottest paintballing venues and provide you with an action-packed night of game and food, with all the necessary equipment and refills provided. Bang bang, who’s going down?



BOWLAll-night bowling and delicious food? Need I say more? Come with us as we battle through a night of bowling.



230000_10152311884350145_1258398084_nLights, camera, action. Bring your talents to the stage as students showcase their gifts and put on a night to remember. Whether you’re a singer, dancer, comedian, poet or juggler, prepare to take centre stage and wow the Vanier community.



FORMALOur last event of the year, and one of the most demanding, our formal calls for everyone to come together one last time and celebrate the end the year with a bang. Put on your party dress or sharp suit and prepare for an elegant night at one of Toronto’s phenomenal banquet venues, with full course meal and bar service included. We promise, just because we’re all fancied up doesn’t mean the party is any less crazy 😉



INTRAThroughout the year, Vanier students have an opportunity to participate in various sporting events, ultimately collecting us points and the opportunity to obtain the 2015 Torch. Whether you’re a fan of some friendly competition or simply want to try something new, our intramural program is open to all students, of any athletic level. No professional skills required.



COMEDYSometimes all it takes to let off some stress is a nice laugh and a bunch of huge smiles. Our comedy nights, aided by the Vanier College Productions, promises you a night full of laughter, all in good spirit. Who knows? You might even be called up to the stage…