Vice President of Media and Promotions

Seif Hamdien



Hey Vanier, I’m Seif Hamdein and I am the VP Media and Promotions for 2017-18! I like playing sports, playing video games, meeting new people, and I’m passionate about trying new foods.

Vanier has become a huge part of my life as it’s where I’ve experienced some of my most memorable experiences, met some of my closest friends, and became the person I am today. Vanier has always cared for me since day one and always made me feel accepted, included, and at home. That’s what makes me want to strive and work to see Vanier only get better and move further. Final words of advice: just do you, smile, and relax.

Director of Media & Promotions

Kidus Yoseph



Hey Vanier, I’m Kidus Yoseph and I am your Director of Media and Promotions for the year of 2017/18. I am a third-year Communications student and a Self-Employed Freelance Photographer. Because of Vanier, YorkU has become my home away from home. Being a part of the Vanier community in my second year really shifted my perspective on what a University experience should look like. To me, this college means unity and acceptance which are both critical to a positive space. I am extremely excited to be in a leadership position this year and I am looking forward to making this year a very memorable one.